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Together We Can Take on Anything

Committing to your professional association provides ample opportunity for education, networking and volunteer participation. By joining NAIFA, we become your partner, elevating your performance while providing a greater purpose to your professional work.

NAIFA Illinois President,
Art Hayes

NAIFA Illinois offers a full suite of member benefits. Whatever you're looking for - great sales and marketing ideas, professional development, education and training programs, networking opportunities, discounts on business products and services, or the opportunity to get involved in NAIFA's advocacy efforts. NAIFA gives you the edge you need to get ahead and stay ahead. NAIFA Membership is an Investment in YOU! By becoming a NAIFA member, you gain exclusive access to resources and information that can enhance your sales skills, grow your professional network, and build your practice.

Making Our Members Better Every Day!

President's Message -

I am excited about NAIFA IL’s End of Summer Spectacular on September 28 – 29 in Peoria!  We will have a fun day golfing on the 28th and then enjoy the education conference on the 29th.

Every time NAIFA members get together and have a chance to visit with each other it is always a great event.  Sharing ideas always leads to better outcomes. The car ride to and from the event with other producers will also be valuable. I encourage you to not only attend but bring someone along with you, and make the entire event one of fun, learning and growing! 

As Rick Marteeny used to tell me, “The room for growth is the biggest room in the house!”  Let’s Grow Together!

All The Best!  Art

Art Hayes pic 2019


Advocate for your industry at our annual Legislative Day.


Educate yourself at our annual meeting and professional development opportunities.


Differentiate yourself by serving on one of our committees.